Thursday, June 23, 2016

Referendum day

 Referendum day is here, we've just been over to vote. 
 Frankly I've about had a gutsful of the rubbish "facts" and total utter crap our so called leaders have been telling us.
 Talk about scaremongering, I've heard more bollocks in the last few weeks than I've heard in decades.
 It seems if we vote out or houses will be worth nothing, our budgies will be eaten by gorillas, petrol will be £2000 a gallon, a loaf of bread will cost £3 million, tax will be 200% and all the jobs will be taken by herring gulls. Your wife will be sold into slavery, all the schools will close, the only hospital will be in Glasgow, and it will be a criminal offence (punishable by death) to own a table.
 Toothpaste will be made of pewter, chairs will only be allowed 2 legs, it will be compulsary to carry a wooden clog, and tap water will be made of cheese.
 You know what... It's still worth fucking voting out!

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