Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Toothache and scary pics

 Toothache and scary pics.
 Yesterday I had toothache, today by first thing this morning I was crawling up the walls with pain, and thats after some serious painkillers.
 By 10 I was in the dentist, by 12 I was toothless (well one less anyway) Oh I really could do with some of the stuff they squirt in your gums, I needed the stuff last night thats for sure.
 now the scary pics, Thanks to Rob for taking these and the effects... I'm not sure which one makes me look better than real life... Probably all of them....


Antony said...

What a painful event! Toothaches can be the worst and yours sounds quite serious to having to get it pulled out right away. Nonetheless, you seem to still be parading around with a sense of humor. Hilarious pictures and interesting snapchat filters. A dog, cheetah, x-ray, rainbow mouth, and many more. Looks hilarious!

Marco said...

Toothaches are unforgettable. I had impacted molars, and did some wall crawling of my own. I was unfortunate enough to have them take all four at the same time. It sure helps to have a dentist that can work with finesse. My mouth was so swollen, that it actually looked like the fourth picture down.