Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why for heavens sake ?

 What is it about shampoo makers?  Why can't they make a bottle of shampoo that will either stand up without falling over on even the slightest uneven surface (and baths are not usually flat) or open easily? 
 Seriously though, the bottles you can open are top heavy so they fall in the bath all the time, and for some reason they have a one inch hole for the shampoo to come out of. Who need half a pint of shampoo every time?. Then somehow with hands dripping in shampoo you have to put the top back on. Otherwise the open bottle will fall in the bath and to loose all the shampoo.
 The other option is the flip top bottles with a tiny hole, much better you say....  Except, the one I have is nearly impossible to open.  You see the tab you flip is tiny and with wet hands it's tricky to flip. But worse is the force needed to flip it, seriously it takes a lot of force, now that's not too bad if your a fit healthy guy, but not everybody is, I'm a burly bloke but I struggle to open the bloody thing, what happens if you have arthritis or something that affects dexterity, your buggered.
 So why does a simple shampoo bottle so difficult to make properly, it's not the twelve labours of Hecules for heaves sake it's something people use several times a day. Make the bastard thing stand up properly, the trick is to make it bottom heavy not bloody top heavy like they are now. And make them easy to open, having to use a samuri sword to get the top off is a pain in the arse!

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