Monday, April 27, 2015

Oh what a rubbish day I'm having... and it's only just started!

 My phone bill has arrived and it's marginally less than the US spends on defence annually, then when I tried to do some washing the stupid excuse for a washing machine I have (I've mentioned before it's reluctance to take in water) decides not to take in ANY water. After filling it manually it then decides to pay back by not spinning the clothes dry.
 Why is it that washing machines never actually stop you loading them when they are knackered but always leave you with a drum full of soaking wet clothes?  Every fucking time!
 Well I'm just popping off to the second hand shop with the deeds to Bolivia and a spare space shuttle to see if I can raise enough money to pay the phone bill

It's just occurred  to me that shit happens in threes. So this may be my last post. The way the day is going I may be hit by a meteorite, or fall down an abandoned mine shaft in Asda, or be set on fire by a flame thrower test on the M4.  So just in case...  Errr goodbye and thanks for reading.

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