Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Colour Infrared

 Colour infrared is making something of a come back, the film originally designed for aerial photography made a hit with landscape photographers due to it's odd colours.
 Now the film is a little hard to get hold of, and it's not so easy to use as to get the full effect you need an IR filter for the camera. Some plastic body cameras can't be used, and neither can those cameras with a little window in the back showing what film you have loaded. This is because some are not IR light proof, so best to use an old metal film camera if you can find the film.
 Fortunately there is an easier way, photoshop to be exact, to get it exactly right is a bit fiddly as you need to convert to CMYK and swap channels, then add a Chanel mixer adjustment layer.
 Heres a few pics I have converted to show the effect. As you can see it works best on grass and trees.

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