Monday, April 13, 2015

What happened to the world I grew up in ?

 I was born in the 1950's, and growing up in the 50's and 60's was very different from today.
 For a start we played, we didn't have computer games, we had sticks that were machine guns and lots of bushes to hide behind. We used our imagination. Yes occasionally minor accidents would happen, like the kid who hit his head on the milk bottle I was holding, but he lived, and he was proud of that scar.
 Today children hardly go out, partly a fear of predatory paedophiles , mostly unfounded, and mostly because it's "not safe" as we're told all the time.
 In my day schools didn't close when there was snow.  No we played snowballs, without safety glasses and hard hats, or hi-vis jackets.  Today the first hint of frost and the health and safety police arrive. The park near  me stays closed when it's frosty in case someone falls over. Oh they don't grit the pavements in case someone falls over. They just close the park so people playing don't fall over.... So what exactly is the difference?
 When I was young we all had bikes, no helmets, or yellow clothing, yes we fell off, but we're still here, beside a helmet and hi-vis jacket isn't stopping people being killed by buses and lorries in London is it, and thats with cycle lanes.
 This week I'm told two children were taken into care because they were playing alone in a park, the children were ten and six years old and playing in a local park.
 Come on for heavens sake! Most children go to the local park, I certainly did, sometimes on my bike to make it worse! (without a helmet!!!) Does that make my parents uncaring and bad?  No of course it doesn't, they had to sense to realise that children need to develop their Independence and not be mollycoddled.
 And thats were we're going wrong now.  The 'nanny' state is so controlling of our every moment that the idea of a ten year old alone means he's either in terrible danger, or planning a terrorist attack. Curiously he/she is in danger of neither.
 The real danger is about ten years away when that generation grow up and won't be able to hold a pen without safety gloves, a hard hat and a tracking device. Then when bugger all work is getting done because any work is inherently unsafe (if you look hard enough any job with have some risk) then the world will grind to a halt..... Well until someone lines up the health and safety nutters and machine guns the lot, and we get back to common sense.

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