Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Correction... Well sort of...

 A few days ago I suggested that some years in the future it might be necessary to line up and shoot health and safety nutters so some work could be done... It's been pointed out to me that shooting people (even health and safety nutters) is inherently dangerous, and that it should be carried out under health and safety supervision.... And this is where it gets complicated.. You see if we're shooting the health and safety nutters does that count as supervision?, or do we need more health and safety nutters to actually supervise the shooting bit. If thats the case what do we then do with those health and safety nutters....  You see my problem.
 To be serious (just for a minute) I'm not suggesting that we really shoot anybody, but something does need to be done about the "silly" made up health and safety nonsense.  Yes there are genuine reasons for some health and safety, but so much rubbish is spouted, such as you cant play conkers, and that sort of fake health and safety.
 So heres a thought, make it a criminal offence to make any false health and safety claim, if it's not in the book then it's an automatic £10.000 fine and up to 10 years in jail if you if you make up false health and safety stuff, It's the only way you'll stop the bullshit.

 But please, if you do know any real health and safety people don't shoot them, they do save lives.

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