Friday, April 10, 2015

For pity sake Tesco!!

Yes I know I'm a fool to myself but I went into Tesco Port Talbot again, or Nutter-ville as I like to call it!
 The thing is it was handy and I was hungry. It was a desperately risky move I know, I mean how many supermarkets do you know that have a straitjacket parking area?  Anyway while trying to get from the fresh bread to deli counter (a distance of a few yards) I encountered a mad old bat dancing behind her trolley (off her bloody trolley more like) she looks at me trying to get past and says "no dancing in the aisle"  Silly cow, I'm trying to shop!
 You see Tesco is a shop where traditionally people exchange money for goods, it's not a community centre, it's not a place to keep warm in the winter, it's not supposed to be a centre for the mentally handicapped,and it's definitely not Blackpool fucking ballroom.
 So welcome to Strictly Come Nutter, at Tesco Port Talbot, you won't be disappointed, theres bloody loads of them in there.

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