Saturday, April 4, 2015

The courious case of the missing MH370

I say curious, but to be honest suspicious might be a better word for it.
 You see for over a year authorities have looks at one place around 1200  miles southwest of Perth Australia. Yet there have been numerous reports of aircraft matching the description for the other direction.
 One particular one sounds far more promising. The Maldives island Kuda Huvadhoo reported at the time of MH370s disappearance that a low flying aircraft with the same colours as the missing plane flew very low over the island  A number of residents made signed statements to the police at the time, and at the same time Curtain university recorded a loud noise is the sea near the area, which they claim might be the plane crashing, all this 3000 miles away from the search area that's found nothing, not even floating debris.
 Curious then that investigators haven't even bothered to go to the island and read the statements, or contact the university, despite being informed of them.
 Frankly I get the feeling that the powers that be don't actually want MH370 found, why that would happen I don't know.  I could guess that someone or something on the plane needs to disappear for ever, was there a deadly virus on board, maybe some papers that would expose someone powerful? Who knows, and if they don't start checking out other sighting I suspect we'll never know what happened to MH370.  And that would be a mistake, you see we still don't really know what the cause of the disappearance was and theres still around 1300 of these planes flying, each one could have a hidden fault waiting to happen, untill we know what happened to MH370 we wont know if these planes could vanish too.

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