Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Subconscious 2015 (film review)

"An investigation into a retired WWII sub plunges a research team into a supernatural journey across the dark abyss of time - with history hanging in the balance." IMDb

 The film was spoilt me me right from the beginning. They tried hard to give a wartime feeling to the museum submarine and the battleship alongside, but despite having a C47 and a few fighters flying past it wasn't enough to take away the fact the submarine had health and safety railings all around it, and the the girl taking photos never changed the flash bulb.
 The story revolves around a group of paranormal researchers that go to investigate a wartime submarine that's been laid up since the war, I won't give too much away but the film reminded me of the much better Ghostboat staring David Jason (Del boy)
 I fond the acting unconvincing, indeed in an early scene with the admiral the cast even looked uncomfortable with the lines.  As a fantasy thriller time travel spook fest it's ok, but not great. And the ending sucks!

Waynes rating 5/10

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