Monday, March 16, 2015

Things that drive me mad!! (part 2)


What annoys me with parking is mostly other people being inconsiderate.  Parking on or near a corner or junction for example. The law is quite clear, it's a minimum of 10 metres (32 feet).  Most people don't even know it's an offence to park facing the wrong way on the road side at night, you must park facing the direction of travel on your side of the road (so the rear reflectors show)
Also parking or even stopping to drop off a passenger requires you to turn off your headlamps, this is a problem in my area, people pull in on the wrong side of the road with headlamps on full blinding drivers coming the other way. Bloody stupid.
The final parking issues I have is parking spaces.  These really haven't kept up with the size of modern cars, now my car is big I'll admit, but some spaces are still designed for the bloody Ford Anglia, even the new minis struggles to fit these spaces.  Come on line painters and car park owners get real, how many bloody Ford Anglias do you get these days? Try measuring a BMW 7 series and make the spaces for that instead!

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