Monday, March 9, 2015

More CCTV?

Bernard Hogan Howe (head of the met police) says Britain needs more CCTV cameras to cut crime, every house should have them he says. He goes on to say householders fit their own cameras too high, all they get is the top of the criminals heads, cameras should be eye level to take advantage of facial recognition software.
 It's interesting that Britain which has the most CCTV cameras in the world also has a pretty bad record of catching the burglars, so does that mean the CCTV is useless in the first place?
 What Mr Howe seems to be overlooking is the reason cameras are not at eye level, because it's the same reason all the official cameras are on top of 30 foot poles.  It's to stop them being damaged or stolen, as anybody with 2 or more brain cells would know  Lets face it if the man in charge of the met police doesn't know that the cameras will be damaged or stolen if they are low down he's really not the right man for the job.
 Perhaps if the police spent more time looking for the burglars and less time investigating 45 year old allegations against dead tv personalities which are pointless anyway on account of the alleged criminal being just a bit dead the results might be a bit better.....

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