Friday, March 20, 2015


I realised the other day that I'd done the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoor and UFO's but I missed ghosts, so to put that right here's a pic of a Ghost at Craig-Y-Nos castle theatre (well known as being claimed to be haunted).
 Note this isn't photoshoped in any way other than resized and slightly sharpened. The original image is shot on film and scanned in with the "ghost" there, it's really not added later in photoshop.  I'm not saying it it's a genuine picture of a ghost... just that it's not added digitally. ( I could do a much better job in photoshop) but in the film days it was harder to fake stuff like this double exposure.
 Now the truth is I have had a sort of paranormal experience once many years back. The story is long and complicated, but the basics were I was sitting on the kitchen floor of a darkened house (in the middle of the night)   I'd been doing the same thing for several months, and there were other people upstairs and outside in a car (a short distance away) From where I sat I had the kitchen window to my left and the front door to my right front, the door was half glassed with that frosted glass.
 My job was to cover the door and window waiting for a person who was expected to come in.  At some point I saw a figure standing between myself and the glass door. Now this wasn't a shadow from outside the door, it was clear and sharp, just a black silhouette. And it certainly wasn't the people upstairs playing silly beggars, the situation was too serious and we had weapons.  As I raised one arm to fend off any blows and raised my weapon the figure simply vanished. I didn't see it disappear, it was there, then it wasn't.
 I alerted the other people and we searched the house and grounds, but there was no one around, and no signs of forced entry.
 Now the strangest thing is I thought I was looking at myself, don't ask me why I thought that, but I did. Someone later told me I'd seen my Doppelganger, and that I was going to die soon, well that was 1970 something or other, so it wasn't that soon anyway.
 Was it my Doppelganger, or a ghost?  Well I'll never know, but keep in mind I was getting about 3 or 4 hours sleep during the  day and spending about 12 hours a night under incredible stress, sitting in almost total darkness. My theory is it's the mind playing tricks.  The real bastard was the people we were waiting for never really  turned up, several months wasted.  Well they did turn up but the police spooked them before they got close to the house and they backed off and left.

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