Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Instant everything?

The other day I was asked to buy some custard, now I always buy the tin of custard powder, it doesn't take long to make, keeps for ages and must make a gallon or so of custard.
 No, get the instant custard I was told, it uses no milk and is quicker...  Quicker than what?   Ordinary custard just takes minutes, hell even making it with eggs, milk, sugar and a vanilla pod doesn't exactly take long.  I mean yes, ok, if I had five minutes to live I might consider instant custard, but then if I had five minutes to live I'd probably think of something more important than custard.
 It's the same with everything, we have instant coffee, tea bags (some bloody awful) Instant self service tills, that are anything but instant because they don't work. We have a kettle thing that boils the water as you need it instead of boiling half a kettle full.  We scream in frustration if the Internet page takes more that two seconds to load, Daily fail take note your takes about ten bloody minutes!.
 But why the need for instant?  We mostly aren't that busy we can't wait five minutes for a cuppa.  Maybe thats why people are more stressed than ever before, we had to take time out to wait for the custard to thicken, or wait for the tea in the pot to infuse properly.
 So next time you fancy some custard, buy a vanilla pod, some eggs and caster sugar, and a bottle of milk, take your time and make proper custard. It'll certainly taste better, it'll take a bit longer but you can use the time to relax for three minutes. Who knows, you may live longer as a result.

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