Sunday, March 15, 2015

Things that drive me mad!!! (part 1)

Speed bumps!

Why the government and councils who are constantly complaining about traffic congestion want to slow the traffic down and congest it is beyond me.
 The fact is speed bumps simply don't work.  I'm sorry to all the speed kills idiots who think the speed bump is waging war on foolish driver, but the fact is your bonkers.  You see speed bumps only work on sensible motorists in the first place, these are the ones driving carefully.  They don't work on nutters because firstly the nutters don't care about damaging the car because it's probably not theirs anyway, and even if it is their car no 18 year old boy racer is going to be seen dead slowing down for a fuddy-duddy speed bump.
 No all your doing is wrecking the locals cars and causing suffering to anyone with a spinal problem.
Where I live the air ambulance has to airlift lots more people because the ambulances can't dive possible spinal injuries over the forest of speed bumps. Barmy or what!

Also in this category I'll add traffic calming, like the stupid chicanes where one car has to give way to the other where a perfectly good wide road is now single lane, just like it was in 1870 before the council spent a fortune widening it.  What you have here is a death trap, if one driver gets it wrong you now have a head on crash, how bloody silly is that.
 Then theres the weaving lanes painted on the road, great idea except it's a total waste of paint, most of the time people simply ignore the painted lines and drive normally, secondly in the dark and the rain you can't even see the lines most of the time. More money wasted then.  And how does making all the cars on the road zigzag like a wartime destroyer in U boat country make the road safer? Seems to me it's a lot less safe with everybody swerving about.

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