Saturday, March 7, 2015

Safety mentalists!

Why does mouthwash need a child (and adult) proof top?  The bloody stuff is designed to go in your mouth, how  dangerous can it be?  I'm fairly sure a bottle of whisky is more dangerous to a child but that doesn't have a child proof top. Not does window cleaner, or my de-icer liquid, does that mean they are safe to drink.... Ok I know whisky is but the other stuff.?.  Think about it, hair spray isn't great for your eyes, but it doesn't need a child proof top, I know it's tested on bunny's but have you seen the state of them after....  Cigarettes can kill you but again no child proof top, but mouthwash?  Why for heavens sake!
I take a knife to the bloody bottle and cut off the stupid child proof tags, but thats probably more dangerous than drinking the stuff, but the choice is five minutes wrestling with the bastard bottle every time I clean my teeth.

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