Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Things that drive me mad (part 3)

Information and shopping!

There was a time when you could pop down the shops for a tin of cat food and a bottle of milk, and the lady in the shop would say "good morning, lovely day", or " isn't it wet today ".   Now you need to answer twenty bloody questions and leave your dogs right rear leg and a DNA sample to buy anything in the shops.
 A little while ago I went into a shop in a big town near where I live to buy a memory card, this was a £9 item (keep that in mind)  The shop wanted my name address and date of birth before they could sell it to me. Why?. It's a camera memory card, not bloody plutonium!   I didn't buy the card, and I doubt they put it where I suggested, at least if they did it would have helped if they'd greased it first.
 It's getting the same in the supermarkets, you have to answer a series of time wasting questions while you try to buy a mars bar. Do you have your own bag?, do I have a store card?, did I know I can get 2p off a gallon of over priced petrol at the store?  What I can't get is the bastard mars bar, you have to be Martian, gay and over eighteen probably. I once watched a couple easily in their 30's being asked for proof of age to buy a bottle of wine.
 So here the answer, next time they ask if you have your own bag say "yes" then after they start putting the shopping through stop them and ask for a bag, when they say "I thought you said you had a bag?" say "I do, it's in the house".   Do the same when they ask for your points card, and if they offer you 2p off petrol ask "how do I get the car in here?", and then say "do I need another bag for the petrol?"

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