Monday, March 23, 2015

Richard the third

Unless you've been dead the last few days you'll have seen the ridiculous farce that's been taking place over Richard the thirds reburial.
Richards remains were found in a shallow grave under what is a now a car park, and what once was Greyfriars in Leicester.  He was was dug up without any of the fuss and pomp and ceremony by a man in a high vis jacket and hard hat. He was buried in Leicester cathedral with a totally over the top pantomime where his remains were taken back to Bosworth (where he was killed) and then back to Leicester on a gun carriage.
The fact he died in 1485 and was originally buried without any ceremony seems to have escaped the powers that be who decided to turn the whole thing into a massive state funeral at huge expense to the taxpayer.

Well the good news is that the thousands of police who were looking for the long dead Jimmy Savile and his possible crimes are now looking for the murderer of Richard the third (he was buried in a shallow grave remember) they are also investigating possible links between Richard and the deaths of Edward the fifth and Richard of Shewsbury (12 and 9 years old) who were murdered in the tower of London in 1483.
A police spokesperson may have said. "The link between Richard the third and the dead children is being looked into, but at the moment we're concentrating on finding Richard the thirds killer". Police say they want to speak to a 550 year old man wearing a jerkin and armour and possibly carrying a sword in connection with the murder.

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