Sunday, March 1, 2015

Allies 2014 (movie review)

Why oh why do film companies think they can make a war film which is based on history and get it so wrong.
Allies is the story of a small unit behind enemy lines in France (very very loosely based on a true story)
 The story starts more or less straight into the action, and sadly thats where it all starts to go wrong.  Would Hollywood please note that arms manufactures have spent centuries and millions of pounds trying to stop the muzzle flash. But here we have HUGE muzzle flashes (see pics). Oh yes and real guns eject the spent cartridges as well morons, I'm sorry but shaking the gun and adding a muzzle flash looks crap and silly, and about as realistic as a chocolate fucking fireplace!.
 Then we come to the actors, well they give it a brave effort, but it's wasted really by the rubbish directing. We have soldiers standing out in the open talking during the fire fight. Soldiers that are way too old (remember the average age for soldiers in WW2 was around 21) most of the actors in well into their 30's or 40's, and they look it!.  We have large groups of soldiers really close together in combat (just not done they'd be around 15 meters apart)  What gets me is this is so easy to get right, it's all written down for heavens sake, plus theres still lots of WW2 guys still around to bloody ask.
 What we have here then is another terrible low budget war movie, this is very definitely not finding private Ryan!

Waynes rating 2/10 not worth seeing in the movie theatre, but might be worth watching when it's on telly (which isn't going to be long I suspect)

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