Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Building Noahs Ark. National Geographic

Good idea, shame they didn't actually try and build Noah's ark. 
 You see instead, despite the title "building Noah's ark" what they actually did was try to build a much earlier Babylonian ark based on a clay tablet that predates Noah's story by at least a 1000 years.  But sadly they didn't do that either. You see the ark described in the tablet is 62 metres across and round. What they built was 12 metres across and round, about 1/5 of the size it was supposed to be.
 You see the reason for this was it would have taken all the wood in Iraq to build the full size ark and they could never have been able to lauch it (assuming they could actually build it in the first place). So how exactly Noah with a few friends and family were supposed it do it is baffling
 So what National Geographic channel have actually proved is not how Noah built his ark. But that even with todays computer design, with scientists, historians, and with local Iraq boat builder skilled in the old hand working of wood that they still couldn't build an old Babylonian ark. 
 What next National  Geographic ?  How to build a small 6 foot pyramid out of house bricks?  How the to remake the cross of Calvary out of plastic?  Oh, I know, how the Titanic would have stayed afloat if it had been 15 foot long and made of balloons?
 Come on!  If your going to do something like that either do it properly or don't bother doing it at all. Lets face it all you've proved is that local Iraq boat builders can make a big coracle, just bigger than the ones they make all the time..  Big deal, they can't make one the size it says on the bloody tablet can they!

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