Monday, February 9, 2015

Why is everything so insanely complicated these days.... ?

Why is everything so insanely complicated these days?  Seriously, everything made to improve our lives and make them easier just make it all a billion times harder!

Take computers, just to install one small program, which should be a piece of cake, means I have to get administrative privileges (It's my computer with one account why wouldn't that user be the administrator?) then before I can install that teeny-weenie little program the computer decides it needs about six other programs installed first before it can take the one I actually want.  Why for Gods sake? The same small program works fine on an old antiquated computer without all the other crap.  How is this making life easier or better?
Cars.  On the weekend I was using a new "key-less" car. Well when I say key-less it has a flat square box thing that goes in a slot on the dashboard, then you push a button to start it.  So much easier than putting in a key and turning it! (large hint of sarcasm!)
The problem with this ridiculous system is A. the key-less key is about four times the size of a normal key (and needs a battery) and B. You just try turning the bastard off!!!
Well I spent bloody ages trying to work out how to turn off the ignition, in the old terrible world of hard work we had before, you turned the bloody key the other way and took it out. Job done. Fucking hard work that! (yes more sarcasm)
Now in the improved world of we'll make your life easier for you, what you have to do is....  With the engine running you press the start button (makes so much sense!) then take out the key card thing, then press the start button twice more (making even less sense), now get out of the car and lock the door, then the ignition goes off.   Well doesn't that make things so much easier than turning the fucking key off and taking it out.  What planet do these people live on!
If there is a God please let me have five minutes alone with the person who came up with this brilliant idea, only five minutes... and a baseball bat!   No, don't worry I'll bring my own bat!

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