Thursday, February 5, 2015

Police resources, don't make me laugh!

For years the various police across the country have been complaining about being short of manpower and money to police properly, give us the resources to tackle crime they say over and over again.
Well here's one use of money and resources that makes little sense in view of what they are saying  It involves lots of large HGV lorries each with two police officers, one armed with a video camera, each lorry is backed up by two police motorbikes and a police car.  Their target, ISIS terrorists?,  armed robbers?, drug smugglers?,   No they are after motorists who are using their mobile phones or not wearing seat belt.  No really thats what they are after. 
I mean come on, five police officers, a lorry, two bikes and a police car to catch someone for using their phone while driving?  Have they totally lost their senses?   How in Gods name can this be a reasonable cost effective use of both manpower or resources.
My suggestion, why not give each lorry two helicopters and an eight man SAS squad as well as the cars and motorbikes just in case the motor-terrorist gets a bit hacked off at being stopped by half the police in his county for using his phone while driving.
So next time an old lady is stabbed, or your house broken into and it takes plod three days to come out, don't be too supprised, they are all after that dangerious terrorist the motorist!  As usual.......

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