Thursday, February 19, 2015

Well done Vauxhall (new advert)

A big thank you to Vauxhall for having a silent advert. What a clever idea!  Your cars are so good you don't need a tiger flying a plane to land on the car roof to get people interested, no your cars sell themselves.
 Why anyone with two or more brain cells would need a car that doubles as runway lights baffles me in the first place, then we have a clever car that hides from you... Just what you fucking need in tescos bloody car park when you have a trolly full of shopping. 
Then theres the "hot wheels" car advert where the car goes flying through loops of road.... Err remember how hard your hot wheels cars always hit the skirting board after the loop... Not for me then thank you, airbag or no airbag.
But seriously Vauxhall, your advert works by making people stop and look at the telly.  Ok they think the sound has gone, but they look.  And the very fact your advert isn't silly and aimed at a three year old makes me think seriously of buying one of your cars (well if I was in the market for a new car) but best of all is it's quiet....  Works for me.

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