Sunday, February 1, 2015

Survival kit putting it all together and whats in the tin.

Well here we go.

1.  The survival tin (old tobacco tin.
2.  One sided razor blades (or craft knife blades)
3.  Birthday cake candles (the ones that re-light) handy for fire starting)
4.  Compass
5.  Whistle
6.  Wire saw
7.  Pencil and paper (the paper also wraps the wire saw)
8.  Lifeboat matches (or ordinary non-safety matches if you can't get the lifeboat ones)
9.  Small fishing kit (you can leave this out if you like, I just happened to have this from an old issue kit so it goes in)
19.  (should be 10)  sterile needles (again ordinary needles are fine)
11.  Condom, as a water carrier
12.  Water purification tablets (you can get these at camping stores, they are not expensive)
13.  Flint and steel fire striker (these can be bought cheaply on ebay etc) this one has a part hacksaw blade as a striker so you can cut with it as well.

Not shown here are a few antiseptic wipes and a couple of small plasters.  Tape up the tin with a few turns of insulating tape (leave a tab so you can open it with cold wet hands) and ideally pop it in a ziplock bag, more waterproofing and a water bag if you need it. Job done!

Add in a small penkinfe, a small torch and battery and a cheap lighter in your pocket and maybe a space-blanket or bivi-bag in another pocket and that just might come in handy one day.

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