Monday, February 23, 2015

Bigfoot Port Talbot... the search grows closer...

Well I've plotted the 857.293 local sightings of Bigfoot on my map of the area... maybe using pins was a bad idea as the maps now fallen apart.  Anyway I have more or less figured out the area I need to concentrate on with my search team... Ok perhaps team isn't quite the right word, well me and Bily the dog, but you get the idea.
 Now as soon as my looking for Bigfoot baseball cap and raid jacket arrive I can start the search properly... Well I wouldn't want to see a real Bigfoot without my cap on would I?
I will post some pictures when I find Bigfoot, and I'm quietly confidant I will fairly soon.  You see I have a few tings going for me.  I know how to move quietly through woods, I know about camouflage, and I know the area really well.  I plan to use donuts to lure Bigfoot out in the open, although it's costing me a fortune in them as they keep getting eaten before I leave the house. I also suspect they will slow Bigfoot down, they're bloody slowing me down anyway
Now some say I'm properly bonkers, some say I'm only dreaming of finding a Bigfoot. Others say I'm taking the piss out of the Finding Bigfoot tv series.  Only time and the pictures will tell......  You go figure it out...

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