Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Light trails reply

In reply to the question I've been asked.  No I'm not standing on the hard shoulder of the motorway taking those pictures, that would be bloody silly and dangerous. There's a set of public steps that happen to be really close to the motorway that I use.  You can see the railings in one of the photos.
Safety advice.  Do not stand on the hard shoulder to take photographs. Don't even stand there if you break down, get behind the crash barrier and walk back about 20 meters towards the place you come from. The reason for that is if your car is hit by another vehicle either the car itself or debris could hit you if your in front or close alongside the car.
And keep an eye on the traffic approaching, that way you'll see trouble coming and that extra second could give you time to dive for cover.
You might be supprised just how many vehicle get hit on the hard shoulder.

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