Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And in the news today....

Michigan based Randal Olson has been plotting how to find wally. (wheres wally) he plotted 68 pages in 7 books to come up with a kernal density estimation and the best way to find wally.  Heres a man with far too much time on his hands.  Mr Olsen you need to get a life, really you do!.

Your smart telly may be spying on you, it seems some tv's (and xboxes) record what your saying and may pass it on to a third party, so watch what you say in front of the telly.

Don't feed the birds in your garden. Eric Goleby from Norfolk has  been threatened with eviction after a complaint by a nieghbour, Eric and his disabled wife recieved a letter from Victory Housing trust telling him to stop feeding the birds.  Some victory for freedom!  Victory trust should be ashamed of themselves.

Kerry Dean from Glasgow was forced to undergo an internal medical exam in the food preperation area of a Thompsons flight from Tunisia because she was pregnant, she was then refused to be allowed to fly on that aircraft.  Frankly not only is it disgusting to treat a pregnant woman like this, but to examine her in the food preperation area?  That has to be breaking some hygiene laws.

Barclays bank have stopped some 270.000 customes from having a premier life account because they don't earn £75.000 a year, it seems Barclays only wants upmarket rich people as customers. Well not a problem, if you have an account simply close it a go elsewhere.  And next time the bank needs a bail-out maybe the rich should pay it instead of the country.  I closed my account with them years ago after no end of problems.

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