Monday, February 9, 2015

Forced laughter on TV.

Forced laughter on TV.
I was looking for something to watch on the 84 trillion TV channels we now have (which still all show rubbish repeats) and I stumbled over a chat show,  the host was laughing at the "celebrity's" funny stories.  the trouble was the hosts laugh was so forced it looked and sounded like he was taking the piss, and the celebrity's funny story was about a funny as diarrhea in cycling shorts, or developing a second head.
The thing is we see it all the time on telly, we just tune it out, but look closely next time and see how often the presenter or host forces a laugh at a diabolically unfunny comment or story by some other person on the show, you might be supprised just how often it happens.
Even worse in my humble opinion is canned laughter on comedy shows. I mean what are the producers really saying?  Is it the audience are too dumb to know whan it's funny and when to laugh?, or worse (and the usual reason) is the show is so unfunny in the first place theres no laughter from the studio audience even with the laugh cards held up, so in a desperate attempt to make us think it's funny they add the laughs. Why not just make the show funny in the first place.
Easily the worst I've seen is John Bishop, my God how bad has a stand up comic got to be to need canned laughter.  He proves that not every Liverpudlian can be funny, indeed I've had more laughs getting blown up than I had watching his show (and I mean that).

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