Monday, February 2, 2015

What is wrong with some people?

Beth Garvey 17 and Alex Groth 18 were refused entry to the British Natural History Museum in London.... Because they were dressed in onsies!  A Pokemon and a Dinosaur to be exact, they were allowed in after taking off the onesies, although they did face a security search, the museum staff said they had had trouble with people in fancy dress before.  Personally I say well done Natural History Museum!  I'm buggered if I'd have let them in at all.  Bloody onesies! Silly bastards more like.

Then we have three French holiday makers who were deported from Cambodia (and banned from re-entering for four years) for taking nude selfies at the Angkor buddest temple, a monument.  I wonder why they got deported?  Frankly I think they were lucky not to get jailed, silly sods.

And then we have... well where do I start?  A sick Twatter... errr sorry Twitter troll from Leeds has posted pictures of a toddler battling life threatening cancer and added funny captions. The pictures were taken from the childs parents social media site.    I doubt poor Riley Hoult 23 months old finds cancer funny though, nor do his family, friends, or indeed most normal people.
Personally I hope someone finds the moron troll responsible and shows him or her the error of their ways. Now I'm not for one minute suggesting violence......  Lets just say I'd like five minutes alone with the troll... and they wouldn't enjoy the time as much as I would thats for sure.

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