Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Genuine pilots last words from CVR

These are real last words from cockpit voice recorders. Some would be almost funny if it wasn't for the fact that the people died.

Skipper's shot!  We've been shot. I was trying to help.

Have you still got the runway OK? Ah .. just barely .. we'll pick up the ILS here.

 We're finished!

 Sound of stickshaker begins and continues to end of recording
(the stickshaker shakes the controls to warn the pilots of an impending stall)

 There he is .. look at him!  Goddamn that son-of-a-bitch is coming! Get off!
(mid air collision)

 Ma I love you.

United 173, Mayday!  We're... the engines are flaming out - we're going down!

Actually, these conditions don't look very good at all, do they?

 No need for that, we are okay, no problem, no problem.

 Larry, we're going down, Larry....  I know it!

 Push it way up.

 What? There's what?  Some hills, isn't there?

 Oh  #### this can't be!Oh  #### this can't be!

 Goodnight, Goodbye, We Perish!

 Watch out for those pylons ahead, eh. See them? Yeah, yeah, don't worry.

 What the hell was that?  I don't know.

 Going, going down, going down, copied going down?

 A bit low, bit low, bit low.

Crash landing.  We're goin' in.  We're going down.

 Aw ####, we're off course...we're way off.

 That's weird with no lights.

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