Monday, February 16, 2015

Finding bigfoot... the UK connection.

The team from finding Bigfoot are now into series seven (filming now), yet despite combing the world with sophisticated night vision, and thermal imaging cameras they appear to be no closer to finding a Bigfoot than I am to finding an island made of chocolate off the coast of Port Talbot. And trust me I've looked hard!
Crashing about in the woods making "squach" calls and banging trees isn't the way to see wildlife.
 I've said it before but that's just not the way to try and find an elusive creature (if it even exists) 
 Think about it.  Your looking for a very large hominid type creature that seems to avoid people.  The clue is there. It avoids people!  Try barking like your dog, yes he'll look at you but your not talking in dog, he can tell the difference between you and a real dog.  The same with a Bigfoot, the only person your fooling is yourself, the Bigfoot, if it exists knows the call isn't from another Bigfoot, it's just some prat in the woods making silly noises.  And the woods used to be sooooo quiet... !
 No the way to find it is to move very quietly and look for places it's going to have to use. A large biped animal won't push through fresh thick brush each time it goes for water or food, thats hard work it'll use the same paths or tracks every time. Again a large animal need to eat a lot of food, that means it's eating or looking for food a lot of the time, so it's out and about moving. So in daylight you look for possible places, then you set up infra red cameras (or watchers) the watchers have to not wash (no after shave), not smoke, or talk and stay very still. Things that live in the wild tend to have a good sense of smell and good hearing, ideally you should be downwind of the track so any smell of you blows away from your target.
And don't do it for one or two nights, you might need weeks to stake out a decent size area. And even then you may still be looking for something that isn't there.......

Now I didn't know until this week the Bigfoot live in the UK as well as the rest of the world.  I suppose theres no reason why it shouldn't live here, although I suspect it's breaking a load of health and safety laws (and by now most of the new anti-terror laws as well) so if it wasn't before it's now endangered.  Apparently theres been hundreds of sightings.  This is interesting because near where I live theres lots of nice thick woods, so when it's dry and I have time I'm going to check out the woods for signs of Bigfoot.   Yes I know it almost certainly doesn't exist... but lets see what my camera can catch, after all the camera never lies.......

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