Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Big brother.... good and bad news...

First the bad news. Big brother and seriously looking at doing a show from the planet Mars (no not the chocolate bar, do pay attention!) that means they are planning on doing the series for at least another ten years or so. See what I mean about bad news....
Now the good news.. the chances of anybody actually getting to Mars alive and setting up any kind of space station and still wanting to be on the really crap sexist, racist excuse for entertainment called big brother is pretty slim. Indeed the odds of anybody getting there alive in the foreseeable future is unlikely.
Besides I don't think they have thought it through.  Jim has just been voted out of the big brother house, and now he's dead as theres no freaking air on Mars!  Well not enough air to survive anyway.

Big brother do the world a favor and pack it in, please... Pretty please...???

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