Sunday, August 7, 2016

Well it's sunday so everythings shut. Welcome to the 21st century

 Well it's sunday so everythings shut.  Welcome to the 21st century in the UK.
 I find it hard to believe sometimes that a country that classes itself as a world leader still has all the big shops shut at 8.00 saturday night till 10.00 sunday morning. Then it bleats about a recession. Well open the bloody shops then!
 Shops over 3000 sq/foot can only open for 6 hours on a sunday between 10-6, most choose the 10-4 6 hour slot.
 The courious bit is that it doesn't seem to apply in some cases. Airports are a business, they dont only open for 6 hours on a sunday, neither do bus stations (still sunday trading)
 Shops under 3000 sq/foot can be open all day, what sense does that make? a small shop can sell me bread but the big supermarket cant? Why?,  I'm still buying the same thing, it's just bloody daft.

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