Tuesday, August 23, 2016

EDC torch review Thrunite Ti3

 I mentioned I was going to review some budget small pocket torches, with winter on the way it's handy to have an EDC (every day carry) small torch.
 I'm starting with the Thrunite Ti3. (around £14)
 The torch has 4 modes.
Firefly  .5 Lm (115 hours)
Low 12Lm  (6.5 hours)
High 120 Lm ( 0.5 hour)
Strobe (120 Lm)  (1 hour)
 The torch is solid and feels like it'll take the knocks a pocket torch will get, it's drop tested to 2 metres and waterproof to IPX8 (the highest standard) which means it can be submerged without damage.
 It comes in a nice tin with spare O-rings and a pocket clip, it also has a keyring chain.
 Firefly is quite dim, it's fine for looking at your watch, checking a map, or finding something in your bag, that sort of thing.
 Low, this is a bit misleading, low is actually quite bright, plenty bright enough to find your way around the countryside at night or fix the car.
 High, frankly this is amazing, for a torch this size it's a heck of a lot of light, bags of light for moving across country or lighting up a room.
 Strobe, this is the joker in the pack, apart from a sort of self defence situation it's not very useful, and as it takes 6 twists of the head to activate strobe your not going to be using it anytime quickly, later in this series well see a torch with a much more useful strobe.
 In use, to turn on you simply twist the head on and it starts in firefly, twist off and on and you get low, twist off and on again and you get high, it easy enough one handed.  the torch itself gives a very soft spread beam, it's not throwing a beam a long way, but you get a lot of light around you, ideal for seeing the sides of a path etc.
 One feature I found was if your in high power when the battery runs down the light drops of quite quickly, but if you then switch to the lower mode it comes back to what looks like the full low brightness and will runs for another hour or so, thats handy if your battery goes and your in full you still have low mode to get you home.
 It's slightly longer but a bit thinner than a standard AA battery.  It runs on easily available AAA batteries.
Pros.  It's gives a lot of light for a very small torch, it's not heavy enough to really notice on your keyring, it runs off easy to get batteries and it's fairly cheap.
Cons.  Battery life in full power is short, and it would be nice if it stayed in the last used setting instead of reverting to firefly, and the keyring was a total bastard to put on.  But lets face it this is a small torch on your keys, it's more than enough for the normal jobs an emergency light is going to do.
This is staying on my keys!!!

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