Sunday, August 14, 2016


I've been weather watching this week, theres been a meteor shower on that would have been nice to see. Sadly the weathers been so cloudy you'd be lucky to see the sun never mind a meteor.
 This raises a question, we were told a heat wave was coming for the weekend, it's cold and grey here, no heat wave.
 You'd think with all the high tech computer stuff the weather forecast would be more accurate, in fact it's worse now than the 1940's when a man with a tie and glasses on looked out the window at his pine cone hanging from his shed roof for the weather forecast.
This year was the hottest ever we're told... Thats then spoiled by telling us that 2003 was hotter, then they tell us 1976 was hotter again. How the fuck can this year be the hottest on record then?
 If the global warming/climate change enviro-mental-ists are using the forecast rather than the actual weather data it's easy to see why the morons keep getting stuck in sea ice that shouldn't be there (they got caught again this year lol)   According to the forecast I'm lying on a beach in Gower frying myself into a "crispy-critter".  In fact I'm sitting in the house with the bloody heating on.
Later on today I might buy a few patio heaters to thaw out my garden path.....  Global warming, don't make me laugh!!!

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