Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EDC torch review Cree ultrafire Q5

 Cree Ultrafire Q5 300Lm  (about £3-£5)
 This is the second of my budget EDC (every day carry) torches review
 The Cree Q5 comes in 2 versions, a single or 3 mode version.
 The 3 mode has strobe, low and high power. High power is claimed to be 300 Lm, I've no means of checking that but it is prett bright on full power.
 The torch has a zoom head, and goes from a wide spread of light to a point spot (square) which will throw a long way, it works off a single AA battery. Run times seem pretty good, I haven't done a full rundown test but a well used AA battery (out of my flash) gave about 90 minutes on full and was still going strong when I turned it off.
The torch is solid, mine has been in my pocket for about 2 years now, it's been used dozens of times and knocked about a lot, the only issue I've had is the screws holding the pocket clip working loose, thats what it's wrapped in tape in the pic, it's just stopping the screws geting lost, thats not holding the clip on.
 For a torch that you can buy for a few pounds it's a great buy.
 Pros.  Good value, good light, easy to get batteries
Cons, slightly bulky, too big for a keyring light, this is a pocket torch.

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