Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And some news....

 Police are looking for a six foot nine inch tall man, last seen wearing an army uniform, an SAS beret and carrying an army radio. The man was arrested for climbing into Buckingham palace grounds recently. When questioned he told police he was working for Prince Philip on a secret mission, he was also found to be carrying ofensive weapons.
 He failed to answer bail and is thought to be on the run....
 Bail! WTF an armed man dressed as a soldier and barking mad, what the hell did they give him bail for, he should have been sectioned.

 Scientist have made a disolving battery for spies, it's been designed to disolve in water in about 30 minutes and to stop spies secrets being discovered.  Errr, it'll stop the battery being discovered guys, the secrets will be on a memory stick or something, not a battery.

 A bus at the Rio Olympics as been shot at and stoned it's claimed. Well just about everybody who wasn't part of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) told you Rio was a bad idea, also a swimming pool changed colour from bright blue to bright green DURING an event.  Something seriously wrong there.

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