Monday, August 15, 2016

Star Trek Beyond 2016 (film review) Spoilers!!!

 "The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test." IMDb

 This is the latest offering of the Star Trek franchise.
 The same cast as the previous two efforts, this film though isn't as good, the special effects are well up to scratch, and the Enterprise crew sit much better in their roles as clones of the iconic original series. Simon Pegg has improved a lot as "Scotty" his first effort was quite poor. 

 Carl Urban as Doctor McCoy is still brilliant, he got it spot on in the first film and gets better with every movie, to be honest I have a hard time believing I'm not watching the original Deforest Kelly.

 Chris Pine as Captain Kirk has also improved, he's getting closer but still has a little way to go, but all in all the crew do a very good effort

 For me the movie was let down by the plot. The basic idea (spoiler alert) is the Enterprise has an alien object that the bad aliens want.  While the idea makes sense the plot doesn't, the aliens attack the Enterprise and destroy it, not a great plan if the small object you seek is on it. 

 Then the plot starts to fall apart, the aliens find where the object is on the Enterprise (a huge ship) but can't detect it on one of the crew members. They also keep the crew mostly alive although they have no use for them.

 Kirk and company find an old Enterprise like star ship that crashed on the planet they are stranded on, the aliens are looking for them but cant find this huge ship because it's got a sort of cloaking device. Trouble is the alien leader was in this ship when it crashed landed, so he'd know where it was in the first place.

 After that it just gets silly, they end up in the city's gravity sphere, which couriously has a hatch that needs four handles (hidden in boxes) to open it. Why? the sphere has nothing in it normally and theres access at the bottom (how Kirk gets in) so why would it need another complicated hatch at the top that just happens to line up nicely with a port into space.

Waynes rating 6/10  Lots of action but the plots a bit thin.

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