Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BBC again!....

 The BBC has decided to find new, innovative, and original comedy.  So they remade Are You Being Served, and Porridge... So not new, innovative or comedy really.
 Well I watched the first episodes... maybe suffered is a better word.
  While Porridge has been brought up to date with a relative of Fletcher (also called Fletcher) now in prison for computer fraud, but broadly similar to the original series was just about watchable if your desperate, I can't say the same for Are You Being Served.
 Sadly Are You Being Served has kept things more or less as they were with copies (near enough) of the original character like Mr Humphries. They've also kept the same tired old jokes and innuendos, while they were just about funny in 1972 when the series started, they were struggling by 1985 when the series finished. Now in 2016 they are positively dire, the Mrs Slocombe "pussy" joke and the "I'm free" are simply so out of place it just sounds stupid.
 Seriously give them a miss.

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