Monday, August 8, 2016

I really should have learnt by now....

 I really should have learnt by now not to watch ANYTHING on the so called "Discovery" channel.  The main reasons being A. you wont discovery anything and B. it's be a total shambles of a program.
 Well they reached a new plateau of stupidity this week, I'll start from the beginning.
 I started watching the vanishing women, a 6 part series that started on June the 6th. The series is looking at the deaths and disappearances of 6 women in the town of Chillicothe, Ohio, and is on investigation discovery.
As I say the 6 part series started on June the 6th, it's now August 8th and we've had 5 parts of the series.  Worse they haven't made the 6th part yet, they are waiting until a trial takes place that may be linked to one of the murders.
 So my questions, Why not make all 6 episodes in the first place? You didn't know there would be a trial or that it might be linked when you started filming.  Why not wait until the case was brought to trial before filming any of it, the court case may well NOT be part of this case. Is it fair to viewers who followed the story to wait months or even years to see the last part of the story. Why does it take 8 weeks to show 5 parts, cant you keep track of time?
 Why the fuck do I bother watching any of the shit programs you make.....

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