Friday, August 12, 2016

See it can be done....

 This week I bought some shampoo, more often that not my son gets it while I get other shopping, well this week I was shopping and grabbed the shampoo
 I bought Tescos everyday value orange shampoo, it was about 80p (or something like that) anyway today I go for my morning scrub and guess what... it's a normal bottle, it stands upright on the side of the bath, and more importantly it has a normal screw cap.. Gone are the days of needing ten minutes and a hacksaw blade to open the stupid bastard child safety bottle top that so many have.
 Gone are the days of having to wedge a top heavy upside down bottle on the side of the bath, and gone are the days of trying to squeeze out the shampoo through a mesh "porthole" Why? who thought that was a good idea, the bloody things clog up half the time.
 But seriously why is it I can buy a litre of shampoo in a proper bottle for less than a quid, and yet a tiny bottle of something you can't open and wont stand up costs a fiver?

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