Sunday, August 28, 2016

EDC torch review Olight i3E EOS mono

Olight i3E EOS mono   around £9

 This is another of the very small budget keyring torches.  It's output is rated at 120 Lm and battery life with alkaline is claimed 35 minutes. This is a single mode torch, you have no low or strobe options, but it's small and amazingly light, honestly it weighs next to nothing, it's a bit longer but slightly thinner than a AA battery, and runs off a AAA battery.
 In use you simply twist the head for on or off , the torch has a soft spread beam, again it's not going to throw a long way but it's loads of light for finding your way about or fixing something, way brighter than a torch this size is expected to be.
 This is another you can bung on your keys and forget until you need a decent light, indeed this one is on my car keys and staying there for now.

Shown here with a AA battery for scale

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