Sunday, August 28, 2016

Swallows and Amazons 2016

 For those of you who remember the Arthur Ransome classic book from their childhood theres a new film.
 There was a charming film of the book made in 1974, it follows the original story very closely, and it's filmed in the stunning lake district.
 Well good news the new film is also filmed mostly in the stunning lake district.  Sadly there where the good news ends....
 You see despite being called Swallows and Amazons this has little in common with the book, the supposed children in the film look more like adults in shorts (which is what they are) indeed it reminded me of the comic strip the 5 go mad in dorset, (or whatever it was called) the "new" version has the kindly writer on the houseboat a grumpy spy, theres a train rooftop chase, planes landing on the lake (with really bad CGI), and for all I know aliens invading the stunning lake district... again... (it was used in star wars ok!)
 Seriously if your going to make a film based on a book use the bloody story from the book, don't just make up a load of old crap and call it Swallows and Amazons...
 What next?  Noddy does Las Vagas, he was an undercover DEA agent all the time. Pooh Bear X rated.  Rupet Bear the Alcatraz years.. Yes theres loads of childrens classic stories you could fuck up it you try.

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