Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MH 370 The mystery deepens

 It seems theres more to the disappearance of flight MH370 than was first though. It's coming out now that both the US and Chinese were tracking the aircraft and there was another as yet unidentified aircraft in the area at the time the plane shut down it's transponder.  The other aircraft supposedly maneuvered oddly and at very high speed.
 Then theres the wreckage that has washed up, while the two main pieces have been identified as from the missing aircraft (both from the right wing) it seems experts agree they haven't been floating around for the 2+ years it's been missing.  Most say it's only been actually floating for a few months at most, which suggests it's crashed ashore or floated up from great depth which explains the lack of marine growth on the parts. Although for the wreckage to float up from depth is very unusual this long after the accident as water pressure would have found it's way in, and theres nothing much to disturbe the sunken aircraft.

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