Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Canned laughter and railway lines.

 Canned laughter, I've mentioned it before but I saw a program last night and it reminded me of just how bad it can be.  Lets face it if yor program is so appallingly unfunny you need to add a recording of laughter to your studio audience your doing something wrong in the first place.  Secondly why add the hideous canned laughter in the wrong places if you must add it.  Some things are just not funny, someone saying hello and a huge burst of laughter doesn't make sense, it's not FUNNY!

 Railway lines.  Heres a pic from last night. 
  Please don't play on the railway it's really dangerous, this is a siding and I'm allowed to be where I am, I also take great care theres no trains about and have someone with me to watch my back.
 Do not try this on active main lines, no really don't do it!


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