Thursday, May 5, 2016

For goodness sake!!! (rant)

Seriously is it me or has the whole world gone properly bonkers while I was asleep?
 I went to pick up my prescription today, there's a huge queue at the surgery, not helped by the receptionist chatting to all the people as they get to the window. Yes I know it's nice and friendly but there's a big queue waiting, some people probably missed their appointments just waiting to get to the bloody window.
 Then I went into Morrisons (I really should know better by now)  Now I'm only grabbing a few things, shower gel, something for lunch, milk etc. 
 First I have to fight my way into the fucking shop!  The twats have blocked three quarters of the bloody entrance off with a bloke wrapping flowers, then they stacked boxes across a bit more, in the end I had to shout at a customer to get her out of the only bit of aisle left to wheel a trolley down.  Then I get to the counter for hot food, one person in front of me... Except she cant make her mind up what se wants so she starts asking the little girl (daughter?) who is with her, after what seems like weeks but was probably only 10 minutes I finally get served.
 The next hurdle apart from trying to walk through a shop full of zombie brain donors was the checkout.  One old chap being served (and most of the checkouts closed)  Then the till operator starts packing the old chaps bag for him.  Fair enough if he cant do it himself, but my god this woman on the till was slow.  Honestly I've seen bomb disposal operators work quicker.  You'd swear she was packing a live 250 pound bomb that hasn't gone off, not a packet of cat food and a tin rice pudding.
 Seriously she took fucking forever to pack his bag, the chap didn't have much shopping, only a few things, but it took longer to pack than my mothers big monthly shop.
 What happened to the world, I remember going shopping years back and it never took this bloody long to do something simple.

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