Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clyne in Bloom 2016 (blooming awful!)

 Well being bored out of my mind on the weekend I went to see Clyne in Bloom, the riot of flowery delight... Except it was crap.
 The biggest problem was the lack of blooms.  people expect lots of flowers with a title like that, sadly Clyne has mostly bushes.. and worse mostly the same bushes.  Boring doesn't come close.
 Yes there was a few stalls selling plants, and a few gazebo things flogging tea and cakes, but as for a riot of colourful blooms pretty much bugger all.
 Then theres the dogs.  Yes I know they are mans best friend, but it's a park, people take their children there to play.  A park covered in dog crap isn't much fun to play in, and they are supposed to be on leads.  I think I did see one on a lead, but that was about it.  And seriously there were hundreds there when I went.  I honestly though there was a dog show on there.
 So with the constant barking and dogs fighting and dopy dog owners shouting "comehereyoubastard" there was no peace and quiet, loads of dog shit and bugger all flowers.  yep! Blooming awful is about right.

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