Saturday, May 28, 2016

Good news and bad news, Top Gear is back...

Well theres good news and bad news, Top Gear is back.  The Good news is the program starts tomorrow... The bad news is it "stars" Chris "ginger" Evans.  Matt LeBlanc-look.  Sabine Schmitz.  Chris Harris.  Eddie Jordan and Rory Reid.

Chris Evans.  Started on radio (and we can see why) then he did 2 years on the big breakfast, from there he went back to radio, following a lot of "issues" with the radio and changing stations he did the short lived OFI before returning to radio, indeed he's moved around a LOT, mostly following controversy.

Matt LeBlanc.  Starting with a Heinz advert he moved on to Friends (12 years) that was follwoed by a 5 year gap, since then he's appeared in Episodes (tv series)

Sabine Schmitz.   Best known for driving around the Nürburgring about 20.000 times in the Nürburgring taxi , and driving for BMW and Porsche.

Chris Harris.  Best know as a youtube journalist, and occasional racing driver (mostly at Nürburgring)

 Rory Reid.   Motoring journalist and youtuber.

Eddie Jordan.  an Irish former motorsport team boss, businessman, presenter, entrepreneur, musician and mentor. He was the founder and owner of Jordan grand prix and formula one constructor which operated from 1991 to 2005.

So what do we actually have?, a radio presenter, 2 youtubers  and ex formula one boss, a racing driver, and a tv actor.  Well doesn't that sound like a recipe for success....  Err No!

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