Monday, May 9, 2016


 Well it's getting silly now.   Apparently if we leave the EU we're more at risk of terror attacks, all the jobs will go, your house will be worth 7p.  The rest of the world will not speak to us or sell us anything, nor will we get any intelligence.  The US President, the Germans, the French and anybody else who doesn't actually live in the UK has told us to stay in (If Obama thinks it's such a great idea why doesn't the US join the EU)  Whilst 250 million cowards running away from a distant war (and leaving their wife and children behind) don't care if we stay in or leave.  For some reason Britain is the place to go, that would be the money of course.
 So whats the truth, well the answer is quite simple, all the countries will still trade with us, the intelligence sharing started long before we went into the EU, and we share a lot more their way than we get so it would be their loss if they stopped, beside all the countries outside the EU share with us anyway.
 You house price isn't going to change much, why should it?  Or are house prices controlled by Germany now.  No is the answer to that, you sell your house for whatever you want and can get.
 The scaremongering does make me wonder what exactly our leaders are personally getting out of the EU, they are making so much fuss about staying in (despite what the voters think) I wonder what part of the gravy train they are on.
 We fought two wars not to be controlled by Germany, and we fought the French around 13 times since 1066 (I think) to stop them telling us what to do.  It's time we decided whats best for us and bollocks to the EU.

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