Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why is something so simple so difficult?

 Next week I have a gas safety inspection, now I've been told my gas cooker needs a safety chain to fasten it to the wall. And that's where the trouble starts!
 It appears that gas cookers all over Britain are upping sticks and throwing themselves on the kitchen floors, killing dwarfs in the process, so now they must be restrained to the wall to stop them escaping.  I'm 62, I've had gas cookers all my life , even as a child we cooked on gas.  Not once in all that time did any of the cookers fall over, indeed I've never heard of one falling over in a kitchen.  The nearest I've got is having one fall over in the back of my van when I was moving, and that only happened because I had to slam the brakes on to avoid an accident!
 So off I go to buy a £1.99 safety chain, you'd think it would be easy, what with every cooker in the EU needing one, oh no, first off a lot of diy places don't sell them, some even claim  you need to be "gas safe" (corgi) registered to fit the chain (you don't, that's for working on the gas supply) anyway eventually I found a place that does sell them to Joe public, the problem was their map on Google is wrong and shows them a mile from their actual location, the second problem was just buying the chain.
 For a while I thought I was trying to join MI5 not buy 12 inches of metal chain, they needed my name, address, date of birth, shoe size, a DNA sample and my dogs rear leg to sell it. Oh the reason given was it's for the guarantee. I asked if the batteries were covered, which threw them a bit (it's just a length of chain) at that point I just stopped and stood there holding up the queue and asked why he needed all my details and that I didn't want a load of shit though my letter box, I then asked for the manager. At this point the bloke next to him said "he doesn't  have to give his details if he doesn't want to" to the bloke serving me, then we started getting somewhere.
 But seriously why are firms allowed to collect data on everyone, it really needs to be stopped.

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